Weekly meditation retreat with Zen master Dae Kwang

We would like to have a weekly retreat with Zen master Dae Kwang. However, due to the epidemiological situation, 
we cannot guarantee 100% that the event will take place or will take place in the classic format. 
If you are interested in coming, please log in. One week before the event, we will contact you and confirm 
whether the seclusion will take place. Alternatively, we will inform you how it will take place.

Our plans are as follows:

When: June 21 - June 27, 2021.
Where: Zen center Vrážné, Vrážné 3, 569 43 (district Svitavy).
1st entry: Sunday 20 June until 20:00.
2nd entry: Thursday 24 June, 17:00 - 18:00.
End: The seclusion ends with lunch on Sunday, June 27.

Bring: Sleeping bag, mat, flashlight, slippers, tent (if you want). Organic soap and shampoo. 
Practice simple one-color clothing (T-shirt, long pants, socks) if you do not have formal clothing.

Recommended gift:

1st entry - CZK 3,200 (EUR 120) non-members, CZK 3,000 (EUR 110) Kwan Um members, 
2,800 (EUR 100) dharma teachers and dharma teachers in training.
2nd entry - CZK 2,200 (EUR 85) non-members, CZK 2,000 (EUR 75) Kwan Um members, 
1,800 (EUR 65) dharma teachers and dharma teachers in training.

Meals: Vegetarian food will be provided. If you have any health restrictions regarding food, 
please let us know at check-in.

Transport: If you need to pick up in Dzbel, Chornice or Jevíčko, please let us know and specify the date and time of arrival.

Registration: Until June 15, 2021 here. If you have any questions, write to vrazne@vraznezen.org or call +420 608 680 313.

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